Monica Farnè:

I attend la Regenta since one year and I am extremely satisfied! I have a degree in translation for english and french but I always desired to learn this wonderful language. I tried other schools but it is here where I found what I was looking for. Under the careful, dynamic and "asturian" lead of Prof. Agripina there are very good, competent and, especially, mothertongue teachers! This is, in my opinion, a fundamental prerequisite to properly teach and learn a foreign language.

Beside traditional courses, there are conversation courses, conferences and nice aperitifs (all rigorously in foreign language). Not to speak about the wonderful week in Seville in june, that allowed us to test our language level and have a lot of fun!! Since October the school moved to a new and prestigious location in via San Vitale with big and bright rooms and a lot of space to organize and host cultural events.

Surely new occasions won't miss to stay together and improve the knowledge of the language, history, traditions of the spanish people!