livello C1

With this course the student is able to easily understand everything he hears or reads. He can rearrange pieces of information and arguments from different sources, both at a written and at a oral level, and express them in a consistent and concise way. He can express himself with great fluency and spontaneity and with a degree of precision that allows him to differentiate little aspects of the meaning inserted in situations of greater complexity. 




Livello C2With this course the student is able to understand a wide variety of long and complex texts as well as recognize in them implicit concepts. He can express himself with total fluency and spontaneity without showing any evident effort to search the correct sentences. He can use the idiom flexibly and effectively for social, academic, or professional ends. The student can write clear, well-structured and detailed texts on complex arguments, showing a correct use of the mechanisms underlying the organization, articulation and cohesion of the text.

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