The knowledge of languages is a fundamental aspect for the learning process of firms and institutions. The intensification of international contatcts and professional and social interaction lead human resources and professional workers of every type to look for practical, effective and consistent solutions and to include languages in theri learnign programs.

Business courses at la Regenta are tailored on the needs of every single firm, being technical, commercial, business or giuridical the specialization they need.

Since many years La Regenta has tought great professionals that thanks to our method have obtained brillnat results by applying them immediatly in the field.

in our school, we had the honour to teach great professionals: consuls of foreign embassies, diplomatics, lawyers, doctors, architects, great executive officers as well as workers of different positions of small and medium size firms, embracing many sectors of activity.

You want to do the course form your office or the conference room of the firm, no problem with the on-line lessons!


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