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La Regenta

The italian-spanish cultural association “la Regenta” was created with the aim of popularizing Spanish culture in all its forms in Italy.

La Regenta is the feminine main character of one of the maximum works of art of Spanish literature of XIX century, written by Leopoldo Alas (Clarìn). The story takes place in a provincial city of the north of Spain: Oviedo, main centre of the Asturias Principality. Go to the history of the book

A city protagonist for many reasons like:

The peerage of “prince of Asturias”
The paternity of one of the most important recognitions worldwide, the “prince of Asturias” awards, given every year to those who distinguished in the world of science, art, sport, culture, etc. etc.
City chosen by the worldwide notorious director Woody Allen, who shot here some scenes of one of his movies and who defined the city “encantadora”
City known for the great heritage of pre-Romanic art

The association is located in the centre of Bologna, in one of its most emblematic areas, behind the notorious symbol of the city: the two towers, site by the way suited for the Association since la Regenta takes place in the ancient zone of Oviedo.

The project was first created by a group of friends, lovers of culture, art and music, coming from different countries, with the aim of spreading their experience to try to put in contact people with these two cultures, people who some times for the lack of knowledge, many other times for the lack of time, ignore our great artistic, cultural, musical heritage so widespread and known worldwide.

We wanted to create a place not only dedicated to cultural enrichment through our language courses, but also a place where to relax while reading one of the masterpieces of Spanish literature, sometime listening to a good concert or to a live recitation of poetry and diving in this way in the magic of many unknown locations.

And why not! Testing some of the typical recipes of Spanish regions and their excellent wines.

With the association and the collaboration of many people of the cultural, artistic and musical world we bridged and we are going on to bridge many projects between Spain and Italy, through universities and regional institutions.

We wish that all those people who, for pleasure, for work or need, found themselves “errant by fate” and ended up their wandering in Bologna, feel a little bit less alone by knowing it exists a place and a group of friends who works for them.

It is now, in 2015, five years that the association has been at work. With the help and the collaboration of all of the people who took part in this wonderful project we got to create in Bologna a one-of-a-kind association, which became a benchmark for the diffusion of Spanish and Italian cultures as they are known in all the world.

The President
Maria Agripina Tamargo Garcia


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