Livello A1With this course the student is able to use an elementary vocabulary, ask and give little pieces of information on things, professions, nationalities, describe and compare people in terms of appearance, character, age, express sentences frequently used in every day life. The student can make himself clear with the majority of people if they speak slowly, clearly and are willing to help him.




livello A2With this course the student acquires a slightly wider vocabulary, understand sentences of frequent use on several daily activities, give simple pieces of information on himself and his family, purchases, sites of interest, his profession. The student can sustain a simple dialogue on customary matters or on situations he is accustomed to. He can describe in a simple way aspects of his past or his environment as well as things related to his immediate needs.




livello B1

With this course the student is able to understand the main concepts of complex texts concerning practical, theoretical or technical arguments that belong to his field of specialization. He can interact with native speakers with a sufficient degree of fluency and spontaneity, so that the conversation can be sustained without effort by anyone of the participants. The student can write clearly detailed texts on several arguments as well as define points of view addressing the pros and cons of every single option.




livello B2With this course the student is able to understand the most important passages of texts written in a standard language, if they concern familiar arguments regarding the professional environment, study level as well as leisure time. He can make himself clear in the majority of situations that could arise during a trip. The student can write consistent texts on familiar arguments or of personal interest. He can describe experiences, events, desires and ambitions as well as express his own opinions or explain his projects.



livello C1

With this course the student is able to easily understand everything he hears or reads. He can rearrange pieces of information and arguments from different sources, both at a written and at a oral level, and express them in a consistent and concise way. He can express himself with great fluency and spontaneity and with a degree of precision that allows him to differentiate little aspects of the meaning inserted in situations of greater complexity. 




Livello C2With this course the student is able to understand a wide variety of long and complex texts as well as recognize in them implicit concepts. He can express himself with total fluency and spontaneity without showing any evident effort to search the correct sentences. He can use the idiom flexibly and effectively for social, academic, or professional ends. The student can write clear, well-structured and detailed texts on complex arguments, showing a correct use of the mechanisms underlying the organization, articulation and cohesion of the text.


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