It is not easy to establish the number of hours necessary to acquire a given level of linguistic competence. By the way, based on our experience and the recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in the following table we list the number of hours (academic hours of 50 minutes) necessary, on average, to acquire a given level from the preceding one:


A1.1 A1 30
A1.2 30
A2.1 A2 30
A2.2 30
B1.1 B1 30
B1.2 30
B1.3 30
B1.4 30
B2.1 B2 30
B2.2 30
B2.3 30
B2.4 30
C1.1 C1 60
C1.2 60
C1.3 60
C2 C2 180

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